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A business’s website used to be the centerpiece of their digital experience, but now at the exact moment of intent, it’s been replaced by discovery sites, maps and voice search. Consumers are searching on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Apple, TripAdvisor, and over 100 other places. And we’re not just talking about the big guys. Consumers are searching on niche sites too, like AllMenus, Zomato, and more.

Menus Are The New Storefront

86% of consumers always or frequently use the web to research a menu before dining out.

We provide you a one-stop-shop to store and manage all of the unique facts about each of your customer’s restaurant locations. Everything from the basics like address, phone number, and hours of operations, to more complex info like map markers, GMB attributes, photos, videos, limited time offers, and more.

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Add Rich Content & Information About Each Menu Item

Store & Publish National, Regional, & Local Menus

Create Collaboration Workflows with Franchisees to Capture More Data​

With our platform you can upload pictures whenever you want, update menu items so consumers across the web can know, and including food allergies and calories for those that want to make a more informed dining decision. We will manage all of your restaurants’ menu information in one place. Adding detailed information about each item, including calories, options, photos, and more.

59% of Consumers

always or frequently use the web to look at pictures of food before dining out

Searches for ‘open now’ have increased​ 10X​ in the last 5 years